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You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Who says insurance claims are run of the mill?   We thought you might enjoy reading about the following claims ACTUALLY FILED--and paid by the insurance carriers! 

During the Holidays a dog somehow locked itself inside a refrigerator and ate the family's Thanksgiving ham while waiting to be found.  The pooch suffered from a mild case of hypothermia but sustained no serious injuries.  Pet insurance paid the animal's medical expenses.  The refrigerator needed a thorough cleaning!

Some damaged items cannot be replaced. . .like mummies, for instance.  An insurance adjuster once handled a claim for two Egyptian mummies.  Insured at $40,000 a piece, they were stored behind glass in two individual sarcophagi inside someone's home.  The homeowner had a party, a guest had too much to drink, and broke the glass of the two cases.  Fortunately the mummies were left unscathed, but the wooden cases were scratched, and the insurance carrier paid to have the sarcophagi restored.

What to do when it's next to impossible to determine a claim's value?  Such was the case with a damaged toilet seat painted by artist Jackson Pollock.  The homeowner had been friends with Pollock, and during a party one night the eccentric artist had one too many, locked himself in the bathroom, and painted the toilet.  Decades after Pollock's death the home was severely damaged by fire--including the toilet seat.  Adjusters were scratching their heads trying to figure out the seat's value. 

Because Pollock's paintings were selling for $1 million each at the time of the claim, adjusters had to come up with a settlement between that amount and a $20 toilet seat.  The claimant ended up settling for $820 cash. 

So. . .if you ever experience a strange insurance occurrence, chances are something stranger has happened before!


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