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Yes, Insurance can be Entertaining!


We've blogged before about some strange insurance claims and some strange policies in the past, and because this type of information is so entertaining we thought we would share even more!  So we give you more strange claims and coverages:


*Wasp attack.  A driver once claimed that the reason for his accident was wasps, specifically wasps flying up his pants causing him to hit the gas while at a traffic signal.


*Paternity insurance.  No doubt lots of guys have nightmares about fathering a child "accidentally", but during his heyday in the 1980s Van Halen front man David Lee Roth reportedly took out a policy that would have paid $1 million for each bundle of joy.  And no, we don't know if there was ever a claim!


*Fantasy football.  Yes, people take their fantasy football seriously, but would you go so far as to buy insurance that protects your fantasy team if one of its players is actually injured?  Fantasy Sports Insurance will reimburse your entry fee in the event a specific player has to sit out. 


*Mustache insurance.  If your mustache is the moneymaker you can insure it.  Bowler Merv Hughes insured his mustache, not his bowling arm, for over $300,000.


*Horse erectile dysfunction.  This insurance only sounds strange, but is practical, as lots of potential lost earnings are involved.  This coverage is intended for breeders of race horses to protect them in the event the horse sustains injury or disease affecting its reproductive health. 


So next time you think insurance is dull and bland you might want to revisit that thinking.  As you can see, insurance can be very entertaining!


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