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Workers Comp 101


So you don't own or run an operation where your employees are exposed to dangerous work.  (Working in the oilfield, roofers, heavy equipment operators, construction, to name but a few examples.)  Your operations are primarily an office environment.  With the exception of perhaps one or two sales associates who spend the majority of their time out making sales, everyone else in your operation sits behind his or her desk. 


Should you be concerned about work-related injuries?




All employees are exposed to injury.  Some injuries are even unique to office work, like carpal tunnel syndrome.  An injured employee taking time off from work is costly--to your business, and ultimately to your workers compensation insurance premium.  (The higher your Loss History, the higher you pay.)  Keep your workplace safe!  Here are just a few suggestions, many of them plain common sense:


--Minimize any clutter between offices and desks.  Clutter on the floor, between desks, around desks, and in hallways are major tripping hazards.  Put files, reports, printouts, and other similar materials in file cabinets and on shelves where they belong!


--Make sure all rooms and passageways are well lit.  Stumbling along in the dark will definitely result in someone stumbling to the ground for sure!


--Are there any doors that are difficult to open, or close?  And we're not just talking about doors going into buildings or rooms--think about pulling open heavy metal filing cabinet doors full of material.  Anything in your office that causes physical exertion to open or close should be repaired or resolved.


--Ergonomics.  Ergonomic chairs and keyboards are a wonderful investment, going a long way to prevent carpal tunnel and back injuries. 


Make your workplace as safe as possible.  Your employees will appreciate it, and you'll appreciate the workers comp savings!

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