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Why Bother With Liability Insurance?



You are the consummate business owner; you run a safe, professional organization.  And now you're staring at that bill from your insurance company for commercial liability insurance.  "Come on," you tell yourself, "none of our customers are ever going to be injured--and we're not going to damage anyone else's property."


Better think again!  ALL businesses have NUMEROUS liability exposures.  If you have a physical location that customers and other people come into, slips and falls are a constant exposure.  Let's face it:  people slip, and when they fall they often are injured.  Even if you can show your business wasn't negligent regarding the injury, if you're sued your liability insurance carrier will come in to defend you and litigate the suit.  At their expense--not yours!


Operate a restaurant?  Food poisoning is a huge exposure--and a very expensive one to defend without liability insurance.  Or do you run an auto service business?  Service people do make mistakes, so when that employee performing an oil change gets distracted and actually forgets to put in new oil after draining the old--and you're presented with a $5500 bill for a brand new engine for your customer's car--you'll be very glad you have garage liability coverage! 


Whether you're in the oil and gas industry, run a warehouse, or operate a hair salon, you have acute liability exposures--exposures that could threaten the survival of your business without coverage.  And no matter how carefully and professionally you conduct your operation, accidents do happen.  So the next time you think twice about paying that liability premium keep this in mind:  Your business depends on it! 



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