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What to Do in the Event of a Loss


You've just experienced a fire loss. . .or a windstorm loss. . .or you've been victimized by theft.  What now?  Here are some tips to help you minimize your loss and get the claims process underway:


*Secure the premises!  Board up or cover damaged windows and/or doors; place tarp over a damaged roof--do what you can to secure your property and reduce additional damage. 


*Keep your receipts.  Did you have to buy that tarp?  Purchase plywood?  Hire workers to help you secure your home or business?  Keep track of all expenses to turn in to your claims adjustor.


*If a crime has occurred notify the authorities.  Keep all police or highway patrol reports and records given to you and store them in a secure place.


*Homeowners, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words!  Take digital pictures or videos of the contents of your home--your furniture, appliances, floor coverings, window coverings, and valuables--and keep them in a secure place.  Your adjustor will be extremely grateful, plus you won't be relying on memory to restore your home to its condition prior to your loss.


*In a vehicle accident that occurs on a public roadway, unless there's injury or unless the vehicle no longer operates get off the road quickly and move to a secure location, like a nearby business parking lot.  This is for your safety, as well as the motoring public. 


*Call your agent!  (And we hope that's us!)  If your insurance company only allows direct reporting of claims, keep its claims phone number in a safe place.  (If you're one of our valuable Insureds we feature the claims contact numbers of all our companies on our Companies page.)


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