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Uninsured Motorists: It's Your Friend!


There is often confusion when it comes to Uninsured Motorists.  Who. . .or what. . .is covered? 


On an auto policy, whether it is personal or commercial, the liability limits apply to Property Damage and/or Bodily Injury You the Insured cause to third parties.  Uninsured Motorists coverage furnishes insurance for Bodily Injury done to YOU the Insured. 


For example, you and your family are in your vehicle driving to dinner; an uninsured vehicle rear-ends you, causing injury to you and your family members.  Chances are pretty good the uninsured driver will not have the funds to pay for your injuries out of pocket; thus the Uninsured Motorists (UM) coverage of your auto policy will be triggered, and will pay up to the limits on the policy.  You don't even have to be in a vehicle for this vital coverage to be used; if you're a pedestrian walking down the street and are injured by a motorist driving an uninsured vehicle your UM coverage will apply.  Keep in mind UM covers Bodily Injury only.  It does not cover Physical Damage.


According to several studies, about one-fourth of all vehicles in Oklahoma are uninsured.  Because of this, we strongly recommend you carry UM limits on your auto policy equal to your Liability limits.  Uninsured Motorists covers You and other passengers in your vehicle.  It's definitely your friend.

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