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Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs


Is your job dangerous?  Or, if you're an employer, do you think your workers compensation insurance rates are too high?  Well, chances are those rates are a fraction of the workers comp rates for the following Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs, as determined by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics!  Here they are:


1.  Commercial Fishing.  Despite technological advancements and safety training, equipment, and procedures, commercial fishing remains the deadliest job in America.  (Based on number of deaths per thousand employed.)  They don't call the reality show Deadliest Catch for nothing!


2.  Loggers.  And they have their own reality TV show, too!


3.  Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers.  Fortunately, the major airline pilots make up a tiny, tiny portion of this category!


4.  Farmers and Ranchers.  Which make up a large segment of our population here!  We appreciate and applaud your efforts to put food on America's tables.  Be careful out there!


5.  Mining Machine Operators.  Based on the photo above, no other words are necessary!


6.  Roofers.


7.  Refuse and Recyclable Materials Collectors.  Who knew garbage could be so dangerous!


8.  Truck Drivers.  Long hours and thousands of miles on the road can take their toll. 


9.  Industrial Machinery Installation, Repair and Maintenance Workers.  Industrial machinery is big, heavy, and powerful; working around it is always dangerous!


10.  Police and Sheriff's Officers.  They put their lives on the line every single day, and we are grateful and appreciative! 


And just because your job is not on this list doesn't mean you don't need to do everything possible to make yourself and your coworkers as safe as possible.  Always practice workplace safety.  No need for you to become a workers comp statistic! 




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