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Tire Safety: Prevent Those Blowouts!


This agonizing heat is brutal on everyone and everything--tires included!  Take a drive on any highway in this area and you'll see ample evidence of tire blowouts--mainly in the form of shreds of rubber scattered along the roadway.  If you've never experienced a blowout, trust us:  It can be terrifying, and extremely dangerous if you lose control of your vehicle as a result.  Obviously the best way to prevent blowouts is to practice tire safety.  We thought we'd share a few tips!



*If you don't know how to read a tire sidewall, now's a good time to start!  Learn everything from the size of your tire, to its maximum load capacity, speed capacity, its temperature grades and treadwear number (the higher the number, the longer it should take for the tread to wear down). 


*Know the proper inflation for your tires, and check them monthly (especially this time of year).  An underinflated tire increases heat, and on already blazing hot road surfaces this is a dangerous combination!  If you don't have a good tire gauge, get one; knowing in advance your tire is underinflated is vital information to know!


*Rotate, rotate, rotate.  For maximum mileage, rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. 


*Inspect and evaluate.  Check for wear on the shoulders, wear in the centers, irregular tread bars, and other signs of obvious wear.  And all you need to check your treads is a penny.  Place a penny in one of the treads; if the top of Abe Lincoln's head can be seen, the treads are worn and need replacing. 


*Buy only new tires.  It's never a good idea to buy used tires--you're only borrowing inevitable trouble. 


So practice tire safety.  Not only will it give you better peace of mind when you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you'll also improve your car's fuel economy, putting more money in your pocket!


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