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Tips for Teens


So you've got a brand new teen driver at your household?  How exciting!  But, as we all know, driving entails a world of responsibility.  Make sure your teen driver realizes how much power he or she is commanding every time they get behind the wheel!  And to help you, mom and dad, deal with your new insurance situation, here are some helpful tips to reduce costs and give you more peace of mind:


*If you put your 16-year-old in a brand new sports car, be prepared to part with some serious coin when it comes to insurance.  Teen drivers are very expensive to insure, and putting them in late-model sports cars (or expensive cars) only adds to that expense.  It's always a good idea beforehand to contact your agent and get a ballpark figure of how much it will cost to insure a vehicle you and your teen have your eyes on.  And we hope that agent is us!


*Does your teen make good grades?  Many auto insurers will give discounts to student drivers who make A's and B's.  Also, many insurers give discounts if your teen takes and completes a driver education program.  Contact your agent for details.


*If you have a choice put your teen as the primary driver of your oldest, least costly vehicle.  This will also save on insurance rates.


*Always check the crash safety rating and average repair cost of the vehicle you're thinking about getting your teen.  This, too, will affect insurance rates.


*Have your teen use their smart phone (but not while driving!), or have them keep in the vehicle a disposable camera in the event of an accident, so that they can take pictures to record the damage to all cars, along with the placement of cars.  BUT, if the accident occurs in traffic first get out of the traffic and move to a safe and secure spot.  When there's an accident it's always smart to document, document, document.


*If it's a minor crash it might be better to pay for damages out of pocket and not report the incident to your insurance company.  (If there are injuries then you absolutely must report it.)  For a teenager, having an accident--even a minor one--may cause your rates to increase substantially.  When in doubt whether or not to report an accident please contact your agent.


And be safe out there! 

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