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Stay Warm, But Stay Safe!


It's hard to believe after such a brutal summer, but the cold weather season is here!  Many of us use space heaters to supplement (key word:  supplement!) our home heating, but these appliances should always be used carefully and with safety utmost in our minds.  Here are some tips to remember as we get all cozy inside as the cold rages outside!


--Before using your space heater read the operating instructions.  By reading the instructions you'll learn how to use the product safely and maintain it properly.


--Never use your space heater near water!  The box or instruction manual will tell you if the heater is intended for use in locations such as bathrooms or outdoors; if this information is missing, do not use your space heater in either of these areas.


--Carefully inspect your heater, its cord, and its plug before using.  Never use a heater that is damaged.


--Space heaters are never intended to replace your home's heating system.  Use your space heater ONLY as a supplementary source of heat!


--Keep combustibles--such as draperies, clothing, and furniture--at a safe distance--at least three feet away--from your space heater.


--Use space heaters only on a level floor; don't place it on a table or chair, or on an uneven surface. 


--Pay special attention to children!  Remind them not to poke their fingers or objects through the protective guard.  Even the slightest contact with a heating coil can cause electric shock, or start a fire.


--Avoid using an extension cord with your heater.


--Unplug your space heater when not in use.


No doubt it's going to be a cold winter.  So stay warm--but stay safe! 

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