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Personal Liability. What is that?


We all understand why we need liability coverage for our cars:  If we cause an accident resulting in property damage and/or bodily injury to other vehicles, property, or persons, our liability insurance will address those expenses. 


But take a look at your homeowners policy.  The vast majority of them include limits for Personal Liability.  They could be $100,000 per occurrence, $300,000 per occurrence, even $600,000 per occurrence. 


So what is Personal Liability Insurance? 


Let's start with your home and its surrounding premises (your yard, the driveway, etc.).  Slips and falls are a major exposure here, so if the mailman slips on one of your children's toys left on the sidewalk and injures his back, your Personal Liability coverage is triggered.  And, as with our illustration above, if Fido gets a little too aggressive with the air conditioner repairman and causes an injury, Personal Liability will address those expenses, too.  (But careful here!  Some policies exclude damage or injury caused by pets, or are endorsed to exclude injuries from certain breeds of dogs.  Always check your policy carefully!)


But here's the really neat thing about Personal Liability Insurance:  It's always with you, wherever you are!  (Most homeowners policies offer coverage for Insureds in the U.S. and its possessions.)  So if you're on vacation and accidentally drop that digital camera from the second floor balcony of your cruise ship and it lands on the noggin of a passenger down below, Personal Liability is there!  Did you slice your drive at the country club and take out a window of one of the elegant retirement homes that nowadays surround golf courses?  Personal Liability will respond! 


And you don't have to be a homeowner.  If you're a tenant you need renter's insurance for your personal possessions; while you are getting this coverage ask your agent to include Personal Liability coverage as well.  Accidents do happen, and they can be costly.  Personal Liability is vital!

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