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Make Your Home Sale-Ready!


Are you contemplating putting your home on the market?  If so, we hope you'll call us:  We've been helping clients sell and buy homes for over 80 years!


Did you know there are a few minor things you can do to your property to help it sell faster?  Follow these tips, and you'll have an offer on your home sooner rather than later!


--A fresh coat.  How does the exterior of your home look?  Could it stand a new paint job?  Perhaps the trim needs to be touched up?  Freshly painted exteriors make most homes look newer, more vibrant, and fresher; plus the curb appeal is priceless!


--Interior painting.  Is there a bedroom that is in need of fresh paint?  Living room?  Garage?  A room with peeling paint or wallpaper is an instant turn-off to potential buyers; a room that is gleaming with a fresh coat of paint says "Buy me!"  There's not much cost to you, or labor, to paint a room, and in the long run it can mean more dollars in your pocket!


--Bathrooms can be deal makers--or deal breakers.  Before putting your home on the market, thoroughly clean all bathrooms--then make your family commit to keeping them clean.  Messy bathrooms, stained tubs and showers, outdated toilets--all chase buyers away.  Put in fresh shower curtains, replace old and ugly commodes, and have your bathrooms gleaming and shining. 


--Clutter-free equals quick sell.  Stacks of newspapers, books, magazines, board games, toys, etc., drive buyers away in droves.  If you have a room (or rooms) with too much clutter, pick it up and put the items away in a closet or other form of storage.  In fact, stuffed closets are an eyesore as well; it's well worth the investment to rent a storage unit and put excess clutter there while your home is on the market, just to keep closets at a minimum of occupancy.  


--The portrait gallery.  Does your living room have dozens of family pictures and portraits on the walls?  This may be a source of pride and family unity to you, but to a buyer it's too much on the eyes.  Minimize wall coverings while your home is on the market.  When it comes to selling a property keep this rule of thumb in mind:  Less is more!


--Flooring.  Worn out, or dirty, carpet or flooring is an instant deal breaker.  Replacing carpet or linoleum can instantly take your home from no-go to must-show!  Ask yourself this:  Would you rather be out a few hundred dollars for new flooring, only to recoup it by selling your home quickly, or have your house--bad flooring and all--just sit on the market?  Listings that linger cost their owners untold thousands!


--Kitchens.  Do cooktops and ovens and microwaves look rundown and worn out?  Has the dishwasher worn out its welcome?  In need of a new sink?  An investment here and there in the kitchen can mean the difference between turning a quick sell and having a home sit totally neglected by buyers. 


--Landscaping.  Keep that yard mowed, neat, and trim.  Keep flower beds clean and weed-free.  If trees are in need of trimming, make that investment!  The first thing to attract the eye of a buyer is how your home appears on the curb.  Make it a positive first impression!


Most buyers are looking for properties that are ready to move into with minimum preparation.  If your home tells a buyer, "I can move into this place tomorrow!", you're going to make a quick sell!  The better a home shows, the faster it goes!

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