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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!


The first winter precipitation of the season always carries a little excitement--even though by February everyone is tired of it.  (Well, let's hope by February we're all sick of too much winter precip!)  So we decided to check out two things when it comes to snowfall:  1) What location holds the record for the most snowfall during one winter; and 2) what location, year after year, averages the most snowfall each winter?  You might be surprised to learn that, in all the world, both locations are in the United States!


The world record for the highest seasonal total of snowfall was measured in the United States at Mount Baker Ski Area, outside of Bellingham, Washington.  During the 1998-99 season, Mount Baker received 1,140 inches of snow!  Now that's a lot of shoveling!


Located in south central Alaska, the Chugach Mountain Range averages the most seasonal snowfall, winter after winter.  Each year an average of 600 inches of snow falls on these mountains! 


Finally, closer to home, it should come as no surprise that record snowfalls for Oklahoma have occurred in this region.  Beaver has the distinction for having the most snowfall of any Oklahoma town during one winter--87.3 inches during the winter of 1911-12!  In February 1971 (and those of us who were in this area at the time remember it well!), Buffalo experienced the most snowfall in one month--36 inches!  And we all remember the freak snowstorm that hit northwest Oklahoma in March of 2009 that walloped communities with 20 to 25 inches of snow!


So while it's very unlikely this region will ever experience a winter with 600 inches of snow, it's always with anticipation we look forward to the season's first snow.  It also lends magic to the Holiday Season!  But while we marvel at its beauty, let's remember to drive carefully!


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