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It's A Seller's Market!

What a difference a year makes!  Not that long ago it was a Buyer's Market, with a glut of homes and properties for sale that were driving prices down and causing several properties to languish, with no buyers, for months and months. 

Fast forward to today!  The oil and gas industry is bustling, the windmill farms are expanding, and people are moving to Woodward and the surrounding locales.

New citizens = new home buyers!

Is your growing family squeezed into its current home?  Thinking of getting a larger home to spread out?  Now's the time to sell your existing home and buy a new one!  There's an ever-growing demand for housing by folks moving into the area; put your home on the market and let its equity pave the way for you to buy a new house!  Or, if you're recent empty nesters, now's the perfect time to sell that sprawling house in exchange for a tidy and affordable condo!

Who to call?  This area is fortunate to boast several reliable and professional realtors, with Figley-Salz being one of them!  We've been helping people buy and sell properties for more than 80 years; we know the market, we know your neighborhood!  At Figley-Salz we won't inflate the price of a property just to obtain the listing; we'll evaluate a property and be honest and upfront on what we think it will bring on today's market.  You don't have time to have your home sit on the market because it's over-priced--and constantly be disappointed because the offers coming in are thousands of dollars below the asking price.  Let us put your home on the market, advertise it, and put it on the Multi-List, making it accessible to most of the other realtors in the area.  Not only that, we're happy to offer you the home seller tips, advice, and suggestions to make your property more attractive to buyers.  The better a home shows, the faster it goes!

We're thrilled to offer several residential/commercial lots for sale; check out our Real Estate Page for land just waiting for your dream home or business!  And Sara Cramer, our real estate sales associate, is more than willing to assist you in buying or selling your home or business.  It's a Seller's Market:  call Sara today.  Her cell is 580-334-4396, and our office is 580-256-3391.  Let us go to work for you!

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