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Is your operation shut down? Protect yourself!

A fire.  Devastating.  Costly.  But thank goodness you, a prudent business owner, carried sufficient limits of insurance--both for your building and the building's contents.  You'll be able to rebuild and restock--hopefully within a year. 

A year?  Can you afford to be shut down for a year?  Of course not!  So you'll rent a temporary location, expedite shipping costs for emergency stock and supplies, buy office equipment, furniture, and computers, plus continue paying your employees.  But how can you afford to take on all this additional expense?  Do you want to have to go get an exorbitant loan?

There is insurance coverage for this!  It's called Time Element coverage, and it pays you for your loss of Business Income that you otherwise would have earned had you not had your loss, plus pays your Extra Expense you must incur to resume operations.  If you have a Business Owners Policy (BOP) chances are good this coverage is included; if you have a Commercial Property policy you do not have Time Element protection--you must buy it.  And in the event of a total loss it's worth every penny!  Check your commercial policy carefully, and if it does not include this vital coverage give us a call today! 

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