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Insure to Value!


Following a total loss, the last thing you want to find out is it will cost $200,000 to rebuild your home, and $110,000 to replace your contents. . .and for years you've been carrying a homeowners policy with a $155,000 limit on the structure and $75,000 for the contents.  Now THAT'S adding salt to an open wound!


Even with the real estate market down, it's still expensive for new construction; if you've been carrying the same limits on your home and contents for years and years, chances are very good you're underinsured--and you don't want to get caught off-guard in the event of a loss.  Give us a call and let us do a cost estimator on your home; sure, if the current limit is too low and we write you a policy with a higher limit you'll be paying more in premium, but wouldn't you rather be paying a few extra dollars more for insurance than having to absorb thousands and thousands of dollars because you were underinsured?  Make sure you insure to value!


(This is not only true with homeowners.  If you own a business then make sure your building and contents are insured to value.  In the event of a total loss you need sufficient limits to rebuild and restock.  Give us a call today!)

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