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Get An Insurance Check Up!


We suggest that, in this new year of 2012, you get an insurance check up.  Why do we suggest this?  Well, we're happy to explain!


Most insurance consumers know full well that if they buy a new car as a replacement or as an addition to call their agent to report it; however, there are a host of other activities many people do that radically change their insurance exposures--yet they never let their agent know (until it's too late!).  For instance, did you recently start a home business, either full or part-time?  The standard homeowners policy offers only minimal insurance for a home-based business (virtually negligible coverage for business liability and business equipment), so getting the proper coverage is a must!


Valuable items (jewelry, art, guns, furs, collectibles) have very low limits for theft coverage under a homeowners policy --unless the policy is endorsed to cover these valuables up to their replacement cost.  If you've recently purchased valuable items that are theft-prone it's very much in your best interest to call your agent and get the proper coverage for these possessions.


Did you add a swimming pool?  Install a wood-burning stove?  We can guarantee your agent and your homeowners underwriter very much want to know this!  Anything you've done to your home or business that increases a fire hazard or a bodily injury exposure needs to be reported to your agent:  the sooner the better!


Speaking of businesses, if you as a business owner obtained new equipment (a forklift, new computers and hardware, expensive tools, etc.) and you want to make sure this property is covered call your agent.  If you are in the business of say, general construction and you've decided to add roofing as a new service to your operation it is vital you let your agent know you're doing a new line of work.  If you're a restaurant proprietor who's  decided to begin serving liquor. . .your agent needs to be advised.  Opening a branch, or acquiring an existing business?  Get on the phone!


Not reporting a huge new exposure such as any of the above, and then finding out the hard way (a claim) there is little, or no, coverage, is a very expensive lesson to learn!  If you're not sure, or want us to take a look at your policies and exposures to give you peace of mind you have adequate insurance, call or come by.  We'll be glad to give you an insurance check up!

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