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Dry as a bone. . .


Dry and windy conditions these past months have everyone thinking drought. . .and hoping for much-needed moisture!  While we're all concerned with lack of adequate rainfall we thought it would be interesting to take a look at places that are REALLY dry.  If you think we've got it bad here in northwest Oklahoma, think again!


*With just 0.03 inches of rain per year, Arica, Chile is the driest place on earth.  For over 14 years, from October 1903 to January 1918, Arica had the longest period without rain ever recorded--a drought of 173 months!


*Las Vegas, Nevada, has the dubious distinction of being the driest city in the United States, averaging just 4.5 inches of rain annually.  The driest year on record is 1953, when just 0.56 inches fell in the city.


The drought in our region has been classified as D3 (Extreme), and is forecast to linger.  Let's all keep hoping that drought-busting rain arrives; the sooner, the better!


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