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Down, Fido!


A few months back we blogged about dogs.  If you own a dog and your agent doesn't know about this exposure, you need to get on the phone and call him or her.  To review, some homeowners policies exclude third party injuries caused by certain agressive breeds of dogs; some policies exclude property damage and/or bodily injury caused by pets of any kind.  To be sure you have protection check your policy carefully--or call your agent. 


Yes, dogs are lovable and adorable, but the reality is dogs bite, causing injuries and claims.  Just how expensive are these injuries?  You may want to take a deep breath before you read on!


The Insurance Information Institute reports insurance companies paid out a staggering $412 million in dog-bite claims in 2010--and the average cost per claim has steadily increased.


On average, a dog-bite claim cost $26,166 last year, compared to $24,840 in 2009.  Insurance companies received 15,770 dog-bite claims in 2010.


Think about it.  If your homeowners policy doesn't cover injuries caused by pets--or excludes injuries caused by a certain breed which you own--you could be faced with a claim over $20,000. . .or more. . .that you'll have to pay out of your own pocket.  Make sure you're protected! 


Plus, take common sense safety steps.  Have a fenced back yard, or keep your pet on a leash when it's outside.  Even if your furry loved one has a friendly disposition and is not aggressive, all dogs are unpredictable, and all dogs yield to their instincts when they feel threatened.  Be safe!


(Source:  American Agent & Broker, June 2011)

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