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Communication Is Key!


Own or operate a business?  Are you proud of that brand new sign you just had erected out front--sleek, slick, and expensive--that sign all your customers are raving about?  Here's another question:  Did you let your insurance agent know you put this sign up?  If so, good for you!  If not, trouble could well be brewing on down the road. . .


Most Business Owners policies and Commercial Property policies have very limited coverage for signs attached to your premises, or for outdoor signs (many have no coverage at all for outdoor signs!).  Anyone who has just erected a sign knows these structures aren't cheap; so just think of how much it will hurt your bottom line when those inevitable High Plains winds come roaring in, either sending it to the ground, or causing substantial damage! 


So be sure to contact your agent whenever you place a new sign on your building, on your lot, or at another location; otherwise you'll be rolling dice that eventually will turn up snake eyes.  Your agent will have your insurance carrier endorse the policy to add the sign as another insured structure; once it's insured, let those winds blow with peace of mind!


And we're not just talking about signs; many organizations install communication towers, transmittors, satellite dishes, etc., for a myriad of reasons.  This type of equipment, too, has only minimum coverage on most Business Owners and Commercial Property policies.  So get on the phone to your agent whenever you add expensive property to your premises or your contents.  When it comes to insurance excellence, communication is key! 

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