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Coming Together

It's been a difficult period for so many people in the Woodward area.  The destruction and tragedy is absolutely heartbreaking.  But there is a silver lining to all the heartache:  This community has come together in one collective embrace.

From local companies donating equipment, manpower, and supplies, to neighbors assisting neighbors clearing rubble, to all the proceeds pouring in to storm relief for victims, Woodward is sending a message to the state and to the nation--not only will we overcome, we will emerge from this event stronger and better than ever!  Northwest Oklahomans are indeed, as the old song goes, "the salt of the Earth."  We've been verifying that every single day by unrelenting selfless giving, and we can all take extreme pride in that very fact.

We would be remiss without tipping our caps to all the people and entities and organizations in Oklahoma and other states who also have jumped into action to offer assistance.  Thank you!!  It's gratifying to know that in a world where it seems all the news is constantly negative, bleak, and bad, we still come together and stand, shoulder to shoulder, to make a difference in each others' lives.  It's a great message that resonates; it's a message that encourages; it's a message that's timeless.

Take pride, Woodward; we're in this together, and that's a very comforting thing to know!

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