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Auto Coverage Now Required With Homeowners Policies

In Oklahoma, home insurance losses these past few years have been, for lack of a better word, horrific.  The spring storms have just been unimaginable.  Therefore, the insurance companies we represent that underwrite homeowners insurance have, without exception, insisted that they will not issue a monoline homeowners insurance policy.  In order to insure homes, they also require insuring the home owners' autos.  Unlike homeowners insurance, auto insurance has been, and continues to be, profitable for the insurance carriers.

So if you contact us for an insurance quote for your home (and we hope you do!), you will also need to furnish us information on your vehicles.  Our quote will include coverage for your home and your autos.  This is a win/win for you.  Why?  It gives us a chance to review and evaluate your current auto policy--to see if you're carrying sufficient liability limits, make sure you're carrying Uninsured Motorists, and whether or not you need Comprehensive/Collision coverage for any or all of your vehicles.  Plus--depending on the insurance carrier, your home and your vehicles--you could very well qualify for an overall discount ranging from 5 to 10%!

At Figley-Salz, we want to insure your home and vehicles.  If you own or operate a business, we wish to insure that enterprise, too.  Let us serve your insurance needs.  We'll be happy to do so!


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