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All that Glitters. . .

Fewer things are more elegant and gorgeous than jewelry.  A diamond ring, a pendant, a necklace that's been in the family for generations--how valuable they are to us!

But. . .check your homeowners policy.  By far most of them have only limited coverage for precious jewelry, should the jewelry become lost or stolen.  And those are your biggest exposures for jewelry!  If you lose that $10,000 wedding ring while on vacation in the Bahamas, you're not going to be very happy when your homeowners insurer only cuts you a check for, say, $2,500.  So what to do? 

Endorse your homeowners policy!  For only a few extra dollars you can insure your jewelry to value, giving you peace of mind.  And not only can you endorse your policy for jewelry; you can cover other valuables, including art. . .firs. . .guns. . .a valuable stamp collection. . .precious mints.  There's no need for you to be unprotected!

(If you are not a homeowner you can protect your valuable assets by purchasing a Personal Articles Floater.  Just call your agent.)

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