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Additional Insureds--If you own the building, you want to be one!


Think of all the different groups that, by the good nature of the buildings' owners, meet at churches, schools, hospitals, or office buildings.  Whether it's a booster club meeting at the high school, a scout troop holding weekly meetings at a church, or a local livestock association meeting in an office building, all these groups are doing activities not related to the normal operations of the host buildings. 


Let's say a civic club is holding their quarterly fundraiser in a school building, and one of their large displays is blocking a fire exit, and a fire ensues.  As a result, a few people are injured, and claims are made against the school, which owns the building.  Of course the school is covered under its liability policy, but shouldn't this coverage be secondary--not primary?  After all, the party at fault is the civic club.  Can this problem be remedied?


You bet!  If the civic club has a general liability policy, the school would be covered under this policy by being added as an Additional Insured.  So in the example cited above, the school could seek coverage under the club's policy for any claims made against it. 


Granted, many clubs and troops and other organizations have no insurance, finding it cost prohibitive.  But if you're the owner of a building, or the administrator of a public building, and you allow other groups to routinely meet on your premises, ask them if they carry liability insurance.  (If they are doing any activities or operations that place your building at substantial risk insist they carry liability insurance!)  If they do have a general liability policy, insist on being added to it as an Additional Insured.  It's peace of mind coverage you'll be glad to have!

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