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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!


Close your eyes and think about every room in your home--even about the contents in your garage.  From memory, can you recall all the different types of furniture, flooring, window coverings, accessories, clothing, and other belongings in every room?  Very few of us could!  So, in the event of a catastrophic loss--a tornado, or a fire--could you recall, and subsequently replace, the contents of your home?


Fortunately, almost all of us have cell phones with cameras and video recorders these days!  It takes only minutes to go through your home and take pictures of every room, giving you an actual visual of the contents in each.  Better yet, turn on your phone's camcorder and make a video, with you or someone in your family narrating what types of furniture, flooring, and window coverings are in the frame.  In the event of a total loss, you'll have actual video documentation of the contents of your home--something both you and your adjuster will appreciate!


Have you purchased a new living room suit recently?  Thinking about getting a new flat screen?  Have you bought new bedroom furniture?  Going to install new flooring in the kitchen?  Keep those invoices and/or receipts as you make improvements to your home, and keep them in a safe place!  If you carry Replacement Cost for the contents of your home (and we certainly recommend that you do!), these documents are invaluable! 


Document, document, document.  If you ever experience a severe loss, you'll be glad you did!



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